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About SCTBI 

Southern Crescent TBI Center

Southern Crescent TBI Center offers comprehensive care and a full-range of rehabilitative services which ensure our patients successfully recover from their injuries. We do this with the help of our specialized treatment team. We are an in-patient rehab facility located in McDonough, GA. Our three levels of care include LTAC, acute, sub-acute.

At Southern Crescent TBI we are building hope and achieving goals


Our mission is to provide rehabilitation to individuals with injuries or disabilities to help improve their quality of life and regain their independence. In partnership with the individual, their family and supporting community we are able to reach goals and make strides, one step at a time.


We are committed to patient and family-centered care.  We achieve this Dignity and Respect. We listen to and honor patient and family perspectives and choices.  We incorporate patient and family knowledge, values, beliefs, and cultural background into care planning and delivery.


Our vision is to be the beacon of hope and healing for individuals overcoming traumatic brain injuries. Through compassionate care and innovative therapies, we envision a future where every person impacted by TBI can reclaim their independence and thrive with dignity.

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